It's directly suited to the way I work, think, and create.

Post date: 2013/10/11 上午 02:56:44

I like the idea of defining certain spaces or postures for specific activities. The sit and click posture taxes my cognitive and creative faculties after too long. It’s hard for my brain to move from reading to writing, designing, troubleshooting, etc., when my body remains stationary. I need to move. Breaking up the workday by visiting different spaces in the office at different times not only keeps me fresh, it allows me to establish habit fields around certain types of activities. Here are some of the stations I’m working with now:

Sitting at the Desk

I’m most used to this, and it works well for tinkering tasks like coding or designing. Ideally, I’ve already got an idea in my head or a job to do so that I feel I’m gaining on something. If I start to feel a lull or a roadblock coming on, I’ll hop up and go somewhere else--usually just to a standing position.

Standing at the Desk

I’m still getting used to my new adjustable-height desk (more on that later). When emails pile up or when I've got troubles to shoot, I try to be in a standing position. The same goes for when I’m in during the mornings or right after lunch. I’m trying to treat the busy-work side of my job like that band saw. Get in, do what you need to do, and get out.

The Sit/Stand Desk

Last year I hurt my back. Sciatic nerve pain is the worst. Sitting upright became so painful that I had to relocate my iMac to the floor underneath my desk, and work while lying on my stomach, neck craned up so I could see the monitor, flopping from side to side as I got tired. It was a sad, pitiful existence. I realized that I need to take better care of myself at work and did some research. Turns out, bad things happen when you sit all day and a standing desk isn’t a silver bullet either. All we need is variety. To gain that I researched and found an adjustable desk I liked from Conset. What I didn’t like was the boring tabletop it came with, so I just bought the base. I found Scott Kestel from Brand Mojo Interiorswhile looking at some coffee tables on Etsy and asked him to build me a desktop for the adjustable base. He said yes, did a fantastic job, and is now highly recommended by me.

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